4 Things Your Child can do With a Smartphone

Since technology has become an integral part of our lives, we can’t escape from it. However, children and tech are a controversial issue as parents are trying to limit the number of time children spend using devices.

Addiction to games and a lot of screen time means less time outdoors, an inactive lifestyle, and reduced creativity. On the other hand, with little screen time, your child can improve their digital literacy skills and the ability to use technology.

Smartphones can be used as a tool for different play ideas for your children and stimulate their imaginations. Here are some productive activities for your child on a smartphone.       


The time spent on screens typically means being indoors. However, geocaching is a type of treasure hunt associated with high-tech activities on your smartphone. It’s a brilliant way to get your child outdoors.

This game uses the phone’s GPS to trace a geocache – a container hidden by a random individual who records its coordinates online. Geocaches often comprise a small treasure like a stationery item or a little toy. However, if you find something inside, you must replace it with another item for someone else to discover.

Recording Videos

Recording videos is another physical activity for your children that can be done using smartphones. For instance, get them to choose a soundtrack and challenge them to record and create a music video.

If your child likes writing, help them set up a news desk and create a report. Get them to discuss important neighborhood matters like a nearby park being pulled down. This activity can also compel children to think about different subjects they studied in school.   

To keep your child involved in household chores, you can get them to select a recipe and let them record a cooking show.

Improving Spellings and Learning Times Tables

Screen time can be productive if your child is learning something new. Consider downloading some educational and informative game-based apps on the smartphone and let them explore.

These apps can help your child master spellings and phonics, learn times tables and practice addition and subtraction sums. Most of these games have multiplayer options so their siblings can compete with them by creating the highest scores.

Beginner-Level Photography

Children love taking photos from their parents’ phones, but instead of letting them flood your gallery with selfies, teach them how they can make their pictures more professional. Help them explore different filters. They can also practice taking underwater shots, provided that you have a waterproof case.

Introduce them to photojournalism and get them to document their weekend activities or summer holiday using a camera phone.  

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