What to do If Your Home Wi-Fi Goes Down?

In these modern times, all of us rely on the internet for the majority of our tasks and even hobbies. Be it working from home or watching your favorite show or movie, the internet is crucial.

Wi-Fi fluctuations are not a rare thing. We all often experience our Wi-Fi connections going down, sometimes for longer periods. In situations like these, what are your possible options and alternatives? Let's take a look at them in this blog.

Restart Your Router

Do you have internet access on several devices, like a smartphone or tablet? If that's the case, you might have a problem with the Wi-Fi router you're using. To determine whether you can regain the connection, turn your Wi-Fi router off and turn it on after a while.

You may need to connect by selecting the Wi-Fi option, searching for your specific network, and typing in your password. However, if you have the time, run network tests or troubleshoot for the router to check if anything comes up.

Move Close to the Router

Check your phone's Wi-Fi icon to determine whether the received signals have fallen or are unusually poor. If you only have one bar, for example, you might not have been able to access the internet. If possible, try moving nearer to your Wi-Fi router and see if it helps.

Use an Ethernet Cable

To improve your connectivity, use a cord called the ethernet cable. You can connect your PC or laptop to this by plugging it straight into your Wi-Fi router. In principle, instead of depending on Wi-Fi, it should provide a more stable connection and might even alleviate the problem.

Contact Your Service Provider

If nothing still happens and the Wi-Fi still doesn't work, contact your service provider. Any other actions to get the internet back up can be discussed with a representative.

Alternately, you might discover that there's a service disruption in your region, as well as information about when it will be fixed. Before calling, some carriers offer applications that could be useful. 

Mobile Hotspot

If you have a long waiting period to get access to the internet again, you can tether your smartphone's data to establish a Wi-Fi hotspot. On most devices, this option exists.

Simply select your device in your laptop's or PC's Wi-Fi setup and input your private password when requested. However, be aware that this can consume a lot of your phone's data and may result in additional charges.

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