A Guide to Using Cricket Refill Cards

A Cricket Refill Card can be used once. Once you redeem it, the Refill Card’s total balance is sent to your Cricket account as a credit and later applied to your account. The unused portion will remain in your account in the form of credit.

You can also give Cricket Refill Cards gifts by using cricket cell phone services. These cards are currently available in values of $60, $50, $40, $35, $25, and $10. Moreover, the refill card can be redeemed when the user makes a payment through the myCricket App or Quick Pay.   

Paying with a Cricket Refill Card

For improved user experience, a Cricket Refill Card can be redeemed in several ways. All you have to do is visit the website cricketwireless.com and click QuickPay. After entering your phone number and Refill Card number, the website will confirm that you’re not a robot.

Select ‘Validate’ and go through your secure payment information. You can submit your payment if you’re satisfied with the given information. To change your payment amount, select ‘Edit.’ A payment confirmation screen will appear after you submit the payment, recommending you note the confirmation number. You will also receive a confirmation text for safety.

myCricket App: A Brief Overview

You can now check data, make payments, assess your usage, add features and change your plan using the cricket App. It also offers users Cricket Refill Cards.

Once you sign in, you will find the Cricket Refill Card tab in the payments option. Enter the Cricket Refill Card number and select validate. The Refill card payment amount will be displayed on the screen.

Submit the payment or select ‘Make Another Payment’ if you want to make an additional payment and tap Cricket Refill Card. Note the confirmation number from the payment confirmation screen. You will also receive a text for payment confirmation.   

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