Overcome Your Aging Parent’s Loneliness: A Holistic Guide

According to studies, individuals over 60 years of experiencing chronic loneliness have a 45% increased risk of death. Moreover, they have a 59% higher risk of developing mental and physical issues.

Loneliness usually initiates with the loss of a spouse or friend and continues when they have a poor and low quantity of contact with others.

If a loved one is feeling lonely and isolated, here’s what their family members can do to help them combat loneliness regardless of living at a distance.     

Interact With Your Parents

At times, the best thing you can do for your aging parents is to visit them often and listen to them. They may have old stories to tell and feelings to share. Simply listening to your parents can make them feel less lonely. You can also actively participate in a conversation and discuss how grateful you are to them for raising you.

Remind them of their achievements and appreciate them for whatever good they did in life for others. Ask them engaging questions so they can express themselves. They may be reluctant at first, but they will open up after some time. Since most parents fear becoming a burden for their children, make sure you fulfill all their needs ahead of time.

Research Community Resources   

Community centers provide a wide variety of senior-friendly activities. You can find several senior individuals at the center with whom your parents can connect and communicate. National organizations in the United States offer multiple resources that specifically aim to improve the social lives of senior citizens.  

Train them to Use Technology

Introduce your parents to the world of technology. If you don’t have the time to teach them how to use smartphones or tablets, invite their grandkids for a few lessons. Besides learning to operate smartphones, they will be delighted by the presence of children in their homes.

Once they learn how to use a smartphone and operate the computer’s camera, they can communicate with all family members worldwide.

Call Frequently  

You must develop a call schedule for your aging parents, especially if they can’t drive anymore or their spouse passes away. Make sure you recharge your mobile ahead of time so you can call them at regular intervals.

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